Undrwrld — long form digital series are on the way up

Written by Stefano on Nov 10 2012 - Last modified on Nov 13 2012

We have been in touch with Evans, the Chief-Editor of the next to be released dig­i­tal series Undr­wrld, about the edi­to­r­ial project cur­rently being crowd funded with the pop­u­lar Indiegogo plat­form. Dur­ing these pre-launch days we could go through some of the ideas and mod­els behind Undr­wrld, a project that fits exactly under the def­i­n­i­tion of the future of publishing

Evans explains how she went from idea to dis­rup­tion with the fast pace of a startup rather than a tra­di­tional pub­lisher. She failed quick and she failed hard, then to come up with a new approach to lean pub­lish­ing that we are cur­rently expe­ri­enc­ing in spots world­wide. From Mat­ter to Nar​ra​tive​.ly, from read­ing ser­vices like Read­abil­ity to new pub­lish­ers like The Atavist, a gen­er­a­tion of young and tech savvy pub­lish­ing entre­pre­neurs is rais­ing. And they are all lined up with the idea that paid con­tent and long form sto­ries could encom­pass a vision that users may be will­ing to embrace with a pos­i­tive approach to con­tent distribution.

She shared with us the story of giv­ing light to Undr­wrld and her early release on Indiegogo crowd fund­ing campaign.

↳ Undr­wlrd first release will be “Silent Revolution”

In Mobile Ads, iOS Is Still The Most Valuable Platform; Apps Drive 73% Of All Revenues, Says Opera

Written by Stefano on Oct 31 2012 - Last modified on Oct 31 2012

We’re see­ing a lot of evo­lu­tion and growth in the world of mobile ads — Facebook’s recent intro­duc­tion of ads into its mobile plat­form being one key devel­op­ment — but some stats are prov­ing harder to budge. The inter­net browser com­pany Opera today released its lat­est State of Mobile Adver­tis­ing report, which indi­cates that, despite the growth of Android and other plat­forms, iOS con­tin­ues to dom­i­nate when it comes to mon­e­tiz­ing mobile ads. And despite all the effort that has been put into mobile web sites, the major­ity, nearly 73%, of all mobile ad rev­enues are com­ing from mobile apps.

The report is based on traf­fic across Opera’s own mobile adver­tis­ing net­work, which sends ads to some 10,000 mobile sites and apps and sees over 40 bil­lion impres­sions across the net­work. It notes that col­lec­tively, pub­lish­ers on its net­work are on track to gen­er­ate some $400 mil­lion in rev­enue this year.

Opera notes that iOS on aver­age con­tin­ues to drive the high­est eCPMs (effec­tive cost per thou­sand impres­sions) on its net­work. Although the iPhone gen­er­ates the most rev­enue, that is by dint of its ubiq­uity on the net­work: it accounts for just over 30% of all traf­fic, and 34% of all rev­enues, but its eCPMs are $1.48. By con­trast, the eCPMs on the iPad are sig­nif­i­cantly higher, at $4.42, but it accounts for just 5% of all traf­fic on the net­work, work­ing out to 18% of revenue.