Undrwrld – long form digital series are on the way up

Written by Stefano on Nov 10 2012 - Last modified on Nov 13 2012

We have been in touch with Evans, the Chief-Editor of the next to be released digital series Undrwrld, about the editorial project currently being crowd funded with the popular Indiegogo platform. During these pre-launch days we could go through some of the ideas and models behind Undrwrld, a project that fits exactly under the definition of the future of publishing

Evans explains how she went from idea to disruption with the fast pace of a startup rather than a traditional publisher. She failed quick and she failed hard, then to come up with a new approach to lean publishing that we are currently experiencing in spots worldwide. From Matter to Narrative.ly, from reading services like Readability to new publishers like The Atavist, a generation of young and tech savvy publishing entrepreneurs is raising. And they are all lined up with the idea that paid content and long form stories could encompass a vision that users may be willing to embrace with a positive approach to content distribution.

She shared with us the story of giving light to Undrwrld and her early release on Indiegogo crowd funding campaign.

↳ Undrwlrd first release will be “Silent Revolution”

In Mobile Ads, iOS Is Still The Most Valuable Platform; Apps Drive 73% Of All Revenues, Says Opera

Written by Stefano on Oct 31 2012 - Last modified on Oct 31 2012

We’re seeing a lot of evolution and growth in the world of mobile ads — Facebook’s recent introduction of ads into its mobile platform being one key development — but some stats are proving harder to budge. The internet browser company Opera today released its latest State of Mobile Advertising report, which indicates that, despite the growth of Android and other platforms, iOS continues to dominate when it comes to monetizing mobile ads. And despite all the effort that has been put into mobile web sites, the majority, nearly 73%, of all mobile ad revenues are coming from mobile apps.

The report is based on traffic across Opera’s own mobile advertising network, which sends ads to some 10,000 mobile sites and apps and sees over 40 billion impressions across the network. It notes that collectively, publishers on its network are on track to generate some $400 million in revenue this year.

Opera notes that iOS on average continues to drive the highest eCPMs (effective cost per thousand impressions) on its network. Although the iPhone generates the most revenue, that is by dint of its ubiquity on the network: it accounts for just over 30% of all traffic, and 34% of all revenues, but its eCPMs are $1.48. By contrast, the eCPMs on the iPad are significantly higher, at $4.42, but it accounts for just 5% of all traffic on the network, working out to 18% of revenue.