How TRVL became the most successful magazine on the iPad

Written by Stefano on Nov 13 2011 - Last modified on Aug 02 2012

We are following TRVL publishing since the beginning and it is extraordinary how the guys behind the magazine have been consistent about their publishing model and serious about content.

TRVL is a free magazine about travel, with each issue becoming a photography rich monography focusing on a location. Issues are completely free for users as well as the App itself, exception made for the special issue about Afghanistan by photographer Ton Koene which is priced at 1.99$. They are now offering a monthly subscription for 0.99$ which is basically a workaround to enable Newsstand compatibility. The feature is indeed available to publishers to sell subscription for a price. In any case TRVL editors will donate the revenue coming from subscriptions, keeping up the free magazine model.

↳ TRVL iPad Magazine issue picker

Michel Elings and Jochem Wijnands are the guys behind the project of creating a free digital magazine focused on travel and photography. They still are doing things with the passion of building something special with no money behind. Michel is aware that they have much to learn, and probably the best way learn as much as possible is to be on the market with a huge amount of followers, gathering their feedback and comments to understand more the do and the don’t.

Even if the technology behind the TRVL magazine is one of the many Indesign based publishing systems, the magazine is always enriched with panning photography, maps with photo geolocation, html widgets to display streams of live data and other cool enhancements.

The publishing world is still struggling to understand the revenue model in the new digital distribution world, and TRVL is one example to look at. They have no business model for revenue at this moment, they publishing no advertisement and issues are always free. Maybe popularity is the new currency in this digital age, like many success cases demonstrated in the past few days, where the mix of quality content, features and consistency grabbed user attention and made them fans.



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