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New App development: rush for the Apple platform, iPad +50%

Written by Stefano on Jul 15 2011 - Last modified on Aug 02 2012

It is a new gold era for mobile App developers and the platform war is already live on our screens. It is notable that new App development is rising at a fast pace while users are experiencing the mobile lifestyle much more on a daily base and for many different purposes.

According to a report by the San Jose Business Journal, development market share for mobile platform is for the second quarter expanding for Apple iOS and shrinking for the Android ecosystem.

Out of 100 developers around the world, 57 of them are developing Apps for iOS, 15 are embracing the tablet market targeting the iPad and 28 are in the wild with the Android multifacet platform. Between Q1 and Q2 2011 it is a 3% raise for iOS, 5% raise for iPad and 8% shrink for Android.