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The newsonomics of good news about news

Written by Stefano on Jul 15 2012 - Last modified on Aug 02 2012

Admit it: Good news is boring. All of us in and around the news business know that. Bad news gets read and gets our juices flowing. So when that news DNA is challenged by reality, the news can be easy to miss.

As we head into the second half of 2012, amid much despair given downward ad trends in print and stalling ones in digital, let’s pause to consider some good news about the trade. The good news is too well balanced by the bad, but it’s still important not to lose sight of it. It’s not a matter of being Pollyannish, but of being realistic: Within that good news are seeds of what will sustain whatever forms the next stage of the news business.

Let’s call it the newsonomics of good news.

I’ll make it a top 10 list, as is appropriate with a good news feature. As we move down the list, we see some of the elements that are among those encouraging some outside the industry — Warren Buffett, San Diego’s Doug Manchester, Halifax’s Michael Redding, Chicago’s Michael Ferro, Jr. and John Canning, Jr. — to buy into the flagging news industry.

The fast changing world of the digital magazine business

Written by Stefano on Jun 20 2011 - Last modified on Aug 02 2012

New Yorker iPhone AppThe digital editions market is a very fast one and yet competitive, struggling to obtain revenue and efficiency in a short time lapse which is way quicker than editors may have experienced before.

The thing is positive for readers and platform creators like Apple or the Google Android ecosystem, and a big hassle for editors who are used to different play rules. Going digital is much more building a succesful website than editing a printed magazine to be distributed in traditional selling points or be given out for free in busy hotspots to make the market base.

Keith J. Kelly from the New York Post told something yesterday about the big one of the market, Condé Nast is reconsidering its business model for the digital platforms trying to gain motion and some kind of revenue from all the investments made in the App development as a pioneer before it starts turning into a nightmare. It seems that the single issue sale business model for 3.99$ to 4.99$ is not working guys. People are reconsidering their use of the iPad after an initial market boom mostly made of early adopters and tech enthusiasts, mainly because of the price tag and information availability over the Internet. When you have an iPad in your hands you have several choices, not many because Steve won’t let you, but many enough to choose between tapping your branded digital edition app and downloading a new 500 megabytes issue for 3.99$ or tapping Safari and your favourite