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The newsonomics of good news about news

Written by Stefano on Jul 15 2012 - Last modified on Aug 02 2012

Admit it: Good news is bor­ing. All of us in and around the news busi­ness know that. Bad news gets read and gets our juices flow­ing. So when that news DNA is chal­lenged by real­ity, the news can be easy to miss.

As we head into the sec­ond half of 2012, amid much despair given down­ward ad trends in print and stalling ones in dig­i­tal, let’s pause to con­sider some good news about the trade. The good news is too well bal­anced by the bad, but it’s still impor­tant not to lose sight of it. It’s not a mat­ter of being Pollyan­nish, but of being real­is­tic: Within that good news are seeds of what will sus­tain what­ever forms the next stage of the news business.

Let’s call it the new­so­nom­ics of good news.

I’ll make it a top 10 list, as is appro­pri­ate with a good news fea­ture. As we move down the list, we see some of the ele­ments that are among those encour­ag­ing some out­side the indus­try — War­ren Buf­fett, San Diego’s Doug Man­ches­ter, Halifax’s Michael Red­ding, Chicago’s Michael Ferro, Jr. and John Can­ning, Jr. — to buy into the flag­ging news industry.

The fast changing world of the digital magazine business

Written by Stefano on Jun 20 2011 - Last modified on Aug 02 2012

New Yorker iPhone AppThe dig­i­tal edi­tions mar­ket is a very fast one and yet com­pet­i­tive, strug­gling to obtain rev­enue and effi­ciency in a short time lapse which is way quicker than edi­tors may have expe­ri­enced before.

The thing is pos­i­tive for read­ers and plat­form cre­ators like Apple or the Google Android ecosys­tem, and a big has­sle for edi­tors who are used to dif­fer­ent play rules. Going dig­i­tal is much more build­ing a suc­ces­ful web­site than edit­ing a printed mag­a­zine to be dis­trib­uted in tra­di­tional sell­ing points or be given out for free in busy hotspots to make the mar­ket base.

Keith J. Kelly from the New York Post told some­thing yes­ter­day about the big one of the mar­ket, Condé Nast is recon­sid­er­ing its busi­ness model for the dig­i­tal plat­forms try­ing to gain motion and some kind of rev­enue from all the invest­ments made in the App devel­op­ment as a pio­neer before it starts turn­ing into a night­mare. It seems that the sin­gle issue sale busi­ness model for 3.99$ to 4.99$ is not work­ing guys. Peo­ple are recon­sid­er­ing their use of the iPad after an ini­tial mar­ket boom mostly made of early adopters and tech enthu­si­asts, mainly because of the price tag and infor­ma­tion avail­abil­ity over the Inter­net. When you have an iPad in your hands you have sev­eral choices, not many because Steve won’t let you, but many enough to choose between tap­ping your branded dig­i­tal edi­tion app and down­load­ing a new 500 megabytes issue for 3.99$ or tap­ping Safari and your favourite www​.wired​.com.