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The idea of easy reading

Written by Stefano on Jul 14 2011 - Last modified on Aug 02 2012

Humans use their attention in a predictable manner to grab relevant information from any media, only paying a visit or going deeper in content if it is worth the effort.

Reducing the effort of quickly scanning your content to grab the sentence or visual element that may be worth, is one of the very aim to deliver with success.

Reading easy and content catching is the unique driver

We are basically contrarian thinkers on the pay-per-read models and are promoters of the pay wall elimination. Less is more also for the distracting advertisement elements around the pages.

Clean layouts can deliver your content directly to the mind of readers and can collect attention from an audience which is related to your subject matter, loosing the attention of passers by to gain the one from your VIP followers who are your very richness.

This is an idea of blank – let people find what they are looking for and get a relaxed mind set to think positive and use thorougly your provided wellness of contents and visuals.