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Digital Publishing tools overview

Written by Nico Pernice on Sep 20 2011 - Last modified on Aug 02 2012


We started exploring the emerging world of digital publishing since the pre-release of the Adobe DPS in April 2011. This was and actually is one of our main field of interest so for the next 6 months until today we keep searching and testing all the different tools and involved technologies that come up.
Now, we would like to publish a sum up of our experience to stimulate further ideas and thoughts.


To build a concise and useful review we had to make a main assumption defining** e-book versus interactive book / digital magazine**:

  • With the term e-book we grouped all the known technologies that belong to the basic need of reading, limited in design and interactive capabilities.
  • With the terms interactive book and digital magazine we grouped all the technologies and related tools which aims to produce high-interactive, graphically rich publications.

We don’t want to go into a deep analysis of the various e-book formats since there is plenty of resources covering this topic. However as a starting point for an overall list and comparison of the e-book formats we suggest the excellent wikipedia entry: