Journalism and publishing are suffering from a major disruption in both reader engagement and revenue generation strategies.

So far we only have seen old paths repurposed to meet the audience migrating from paper and newsstands to digital devices of any kind, with no real strategies to experiment with more moderns and granular product offering, or monetisation strategies.

While paper still accounts for most of the revenue generation with most of the publishers, it is now vital to find an exit strategy from the overhead cost of producing paper products, while adapting to varied platforms to reach to fragmented audiences, and growing the revenue resulting so far from digital products and editions.

We want to overcome the obvious digital offering based on a free or mostly gratuitous, low quality and click generating, web site backed by expensive digital editions replica versions, based on the same paper business model.

There’s more to experiment and more opportunities to look for with the flexibility and the mostly cheap digital product development, adopting an agile methodology not only to software development, but also to product design and placement.

Today more than ever publishers need new business model solutions, and are eager to understand more of what would be possible to do with their existing content and brands, getting real hands-on cases that proved right.

A panel of media professionals, consultants and software developers should get together and discuss all the options, share the case studies and collaboratore for a new business proposition to be offered to publishers of any size, that will include training, mentoring, consultancy, product design and technology development to disrupt the publishing process and adapt to change.

We would like to see media and publishing professionals involved with their valuable experience, and discuss every opportunity to partner deliver change to the publishing industry.

If you want to get involved, and partner for the good of journalism and publishing, drop me a line at s.garavelli AT