• Digital Publishing Solutions

    From printed to inter@ctive publications, made easy

    Digital Publishing is here to stay and it is now just at the beginning of the history. Facts are that revenues and subscribers are raising as long as Publishers adopt new business models to launch appealing new magazines and content distribution platforms.
    Join 'em to value your content offering

    • Consulting over strategy and publishing process and technologies
    • Cross media content processing
    • Advertisement and revenue optimization
    • Companion short runs and variable personal data printing
    • Apple Store and Android Marketplace delivery
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  • Variable Data Printing

    One file, infinite personalized prints

    Larger sales. Higher returns. Greater customer loyalty.
    Marketing studies repeatedly show that personalizing communications can boost their effectiveness. The digital technology of variable data printing has made customized communications economical and far easier for printers to adopt, VDP is also known as:

    • Personalization
    • Customization
    • VI (Variable Information)
    • One-to-one marketing
    • full color, graphically rich, customized communications
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Publishing Solutions


iOS iPad and Android tablet devices
We want you to get out the most value from your invest­ment.
Build once and deliver cross plataform dig­i­tal pub­li­ca­tions over desk­top, smart­phone and tablets.

Cus­tomer based prints with VDP tech­nolo­gies
For­get about bor­ing direct mail­ing lists and paper adver­tise­ments with the old “A promo for you, Hey” catch-all string. Here we talk about full cus­tomized and per­sonal infor­ma­tion publishing.

Short Runs, your ideas made real today
Short runs print­ing is easy and cus­tomiz­able, color result is pre­dictable and the online order­ing process is straight­for­ward. Turn­around times of 48 hours can be used to deliver quickly to the market.